About Mobile Coverage UK

Mobile Coverage UK is your guide to finding the best mobile network that provides the strongest mobile signal and network coverage for your area within the United Kingdom.

Mobile network coverage is important to check before you commit to any lengthy contract period. After finding a mobile SIM plan that you suits you, your next step should be to check that the network provider has good mobile coverage not only in your immediate area but also in locations that you visit often, like work, school, friends and family.

Finding a cheap mobile deal is all very well, but if you can't get a strong mobile signal in your location, then you'll be disappointed when you can't make or receive calls, or your mobile internet connection is really slow. You'll be left wondering why you are paying for a service you can't fully use.

Mobile Coverage UK provides you with the information you need to make an informed choice about which mobile network provider is best for you right where you are now.

But don't forget to check back here whenever you move house or change/renew your mobile phone plan, because network coverage changes over time and place, so there might be a better option waiting for you the next time.